HELLVETICA was formed in 2004 by five friends with the idea to create a project in which all their musical interests could be brought under one hat. Since then they play a mix between modern Thrash / Death metal with some Hardcore and punk elements. Headbanger riffs meet fast mosh parts that get combined with some melodic parts. This mixture gets rounded off with the aggressive Vocal work.
They released their first demo in November 2008.

Since 2004 is HELLVETICA performing their music throughout the whole of Switzerland. They are proud to have shared the Stage with international top acts like ELuveitie (CH), Textures (NL), Six Feet Under (USA), Jungle Rot (USA), Samael (CH), Cataract (CH) Gurd (CH), Trickshot (CH), Sodom (GER), Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (GER), Mystic Prophecy (GER), Mabon (CH), Shorts And Churchbells (CH) and Odd Crew (BGR).

In 2011 HELLVETICA released their first longplayer „Your Last Breath“. The record is raw and aggressive. With the new record in their pocket they hit yet again the stage of many¬† Metal- Clubs in Switzerland.

In Summer 2012, after six awesome years, Pascal Wettstein (Drums) left the band because he wanted to travel the world. A replacement was quickly found in Christian Traussnig (Grin, Ex-Speak, Ex- Septic Christ, Ex-Laboratory).

After nine great years in spring 2013 Marco Wehrli (Guitar), one of the last three founding members, decided to leave HELLVETICA and is now doing projects of his own. At the same time HELLVETICA parted ways with Laurent Treier (Bass). Replacement was quickly found and Sonja Traussnig (Bass, Ex-Speak) and Federic Salazar (Guitar, Ex-Metal On The Rocks) becamew a part of the HELLVETICA family.

In 2014 the new EP „Deadly Eyes“ was released followed by countless shows in different countries. Especially the Bulgaria Tour was a highlight. The band grew together to the family it is today. They also gained a lot of respect from many new supporters in Switzerland but also through out Europe.

2016 turns out be the most successful year for HELLVETICA. Sadly in april 2016 Fedi left the band but replacement was quickly found with Sime Freiburghaus. He’s Jon’s Toxic Twin and they play together in Contorsion since 2013.
Next to several indoor and outdoor festivals, a lot of swiss and german shows and a 15 days European tour where 13 shows in 5 different countries were played is the work on the new record progressing really fast. Sime left HELLVETICA after the Europe Tour and Fedi came back to the family.

All recordings for the upcoming Album are done. Release is 23th september 2017! BE PREPARED